Top 10 Coolest Jobs In Golf

Top 10 Coolest Jobs In Golf

If you like golf and do not or can not play golf like a professional player, then here are the top 10 coolest golf jobs for you to start your career and enjoy your love game “golf”.

  1. Tour Participant

Every golfer's desire is to live the life of a professional golfer on tour. Images of elite golfers flying to the nicest hotels in luxurious private jets to prepare to play the world's most known golf courses have become commonplace in recent years. Joining the tour has become a very financially viable prospect because of the enormous event prize money and substantial sponsorship opportunities available to professional tour players.

  1. Caddy

Carrying a heavy tour bag around a golf course four days a week in a variety of challenging weather conditions may not sound like the most thrilling job in the world, but the profession of tour players caddy has gained in popularity in recent years. Many caddies now have access to the same amenities and resources as the majority of tour players. Traveling the world with one of the world's top players and seeing them play up would be thrilling for any golf fan. Not to mention the normal 10% pay a caddy receives when a partner wins a tournament.

  1. Greenkeeper

Anyone in this position would be beneficial to any golf course on the globe. A bad greenkeeper, or no greenkeeper at all, can leave a golf course in bad shape, sometimes beyond repair. Alternatively, a professional greenkeeper may take full credit when their greens are shown at the highest level on tour in perfect condition.

  1. Social Media Manager

Hundreds of thousands of people follow popular golf accounts on Instagram and Twitter, and they are constantly looking for new golf event information. As this influence expands in golf, a flood of new job opportunities emerges. A position as a social media manager on the PGA Tour would be a dream come true for many golf aficionados. It would be a really rewarding experience to be within the ropes, filming the stars up close and uploading your footage for millions of sports fans all around the world to enjoy.

  1. Journalist for Golf

career as a golf writer checks all the boxes for pleasurable employment for individuals who enjoy both writing and golf. The hospitality offered to journalists visiting golf events or conducting interviews with golf celebrities is one of the obvious rewards of this job. Having behind-the-scenes interviews and exclusive journalistic access to golf's main events allows you to see every aspect of the game while also writing amazing stories for a potentially large golfing audience.

  1. Golf Course Designer

Although only a small number of people appear to be qualified for the job of golf course designer, it is an exciting prospect for any golf aficionado. Being able to design and develop your own 18-hole golf course would allow you to create a one-of-a-kind piece of property. Many former players, such as Jack Nicklaus and Seve Ballesteros, have gone on to create fantastic and unique golf courses all over the world, hinting that a passion for the game is maybe the most significant factor in becoming a competent golf course designer.

  1. Golf Commentator

The backdrop images and comments help you recall some of golf's most famous and significant incidents. The voices they hear define many people's golfing memories. As televised golf has risen in popularity, so has the demand for qualified commentators. Traveling the world and commentating on the best professional players would be a perfect career for any golf fan.

  1. Tour Van Employee

Being inside a Tour van used by professionals is an exciting prospect for any avid golfer but imagine if working in the van was also your job. As a tour van staffer, you will meet with golfing heroes and future stars on a daily basis, preparing them for a week of golf using equipment that you have fine-tuned specifically for their abilities.

  1. Golf Agent/Player Manager

As the most successful tour players progress into sports superstars and million-dollar athletes, good management and player agents become increasingly vital in assisting them in managing their high-profile lifestyles both on and off the course. When high-profile sportsmen make mistakes that necessitate the assistance of an experienced agent or manager to deal with the inevitable press reaction, the job can be demanding and frustrating.

  1. Engineer for the Golf Industry

As technology and equipment improve the quality of golf clubs and equipment, the function of a golf brand engineer becomes increasingly important in revolutionizing the game to give better outcomes for players and more pleasure for spectators. The role necessitates a deep understanding of the golf swing, as well as small aspects like clubface and club path, which can be adapted to each player's specific abilities. Meeting the world's best players and conversing with them about specifics in their golf swing, as well as designing and analyzing the most cutting-edge equipment, appear to be unlimited perks of this job.


Golf is popular worldwide and has many opportunities for having a financial life related to it. If it’s your passion to live in the world of golf and work as a profession then here are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. Just start your profession from one of the top 10 coolest jobs related to golf.