10 Health Benefits Of Golf Exercises For Seniors

10 Health Benefits Of Golf Exercises For Seniors

Do you feel a sense of accomplishment when you hit that perfect shot despite being old and feeble? Does playing golf excite you or perhaps you are looking to rejuvenate your frail body? Whatever the case may be, playing golf can have numerous benefits for your body. We often get to hear that golf is played by old or retired people but little do we know about the countless advantages that golf has in store for us. Playing golf should be incorporated into a daily routine as apart from being a healthy sport, it also proves beneficial for our mental health as well as physical health while maintaining competition and fun.

You must be wondering that what multiple benefits would I get if I make it a habit of playing golf daily. Worry not as we jot down the ten health benefits of golf exercises for seniors and their vital importance.

1. Golf Is Good For Heart

  All the activities requiring you to walk, jump or run works wonders for your cardiovascular health. Did you know that an average golfer walks for about 4 miles during 18 holes of golf which means that he or she burns 1400 calories whilst walking? In golf, you might not be jumping or running constantly but walking the course can lead to your heart pumping vigorously, regulating your blood pressure which then ultimately improves your heart health.

2. Golf Is Great For Mental Health

 We human beings are inspired by nature and feel a sense of comfort when we get to witness the beauties of nature. Golf is quite good for your mind as golf courses are very picturesque and vast which proves great for your brain. The scenic landscape of golf courses helps in reducing your stress and boosting your mental health. Likewise, golf requires precision, focus, and utmost concentration which helps in exercising your brain, creating new synapses, and improving your brain's overall functioning. Playing golf also increases your patience level and makes you steadfast.

 3. Golf Is Best For Socializing

  Sports become even more fun when you have a group of friends to cheer you up. Playing with your friends boosts your health and makes you enjoy the game more.  Spending time at home leads to inactivity for the elderly. When you will have a group of friends to go out with, you will feel energized, and also it is a great way to keep in touch with your social circle and maintain ties.

 4. Playing Golf Reduces Your Stress

 Feeling stressed out over financial concerns? Deadlines making you anxious? These are some of the reasons a person under stress experiences and at that moment, you feel the need to escape stressful situations. When faced with such trivial issues, leave all stressors at bay and play golf. Golf requires you to go out and play the game in aesthetically pleasing golf courses which reduces your stress level. Playing sports also improves your sleep cycle and makes you fall asleep fast at night which will lead to stress mitigation.

 5. Golf Increases Your Life Span

 A study conducted by Swedish scientists found out that on average, golfers' lives improve by another five years as compared to non-golfers. Playing golf regularly can reduce the occurrence of death among old individuals.

 6. Physical Benefits Of Playing Golf

 Playing golf proves beneficial for our bodies. Apart from the aforementioned health benefits, playing golf improves your balance, increases your muscle mass, loses weight, improves fitness, builds endurance, reduces the risk of injuries, and improves your respiratory system.

7. Golf Builds Sense Of Competition

Golf requires you to go outside and meet like-minded individuals. Playing golf with them builds a sense of competition which causes you to challenge them and improve your golfing skills.

8. Playing Golf Improves Your Vision

 Golf requires you to zoom in on the white ball. Golfers tend to learn this skill by practicing on small targets and exercising their eyes. Such practices lead to improved vision.

9. Golf Is A Low-Risk Injury Game

  As compared to other strenuous sports, golf is quite good in terms of getting injured. Other sports require you to jump or run which might hurt your body whereas golf is free from all these restraints as it focuses more on precision and accuracy so there is not much physical activity required.

10. Golf Is An Easy Sport To Learn

If you have not played golf in your life ever then worry not as it is quite an easy sport for beginners to learn which improves with time. It just focuses on your mental aspects such as precision and perfect accuracy.

Playing golf has a tremendous impact on your body as well as your mind. By keeping in mind the aforementioned ten health benefits of golf exercises for seniors, you would go out and start swinging today.