10 American Top-notch Golf Courses

10 American Top-notch Golf Courses

Golf is one of the most popular games across the globe. Moreover, the golf course is the key factor that determines the result of a game. Some bring many obstacles or challenges that help player use their strategy and skills to win a game.  Golf courses are found all around the world, but some of them are the best due to various reasons. Come take a look at the top 10 golf courses in the USA.

10. Seminole Golf Club

One of Southwest Florida's finest golf courses. The golfer will find this course quite challenging with eight lakes. Moreover, the layout moves in all directions, so the wind from the ocean somehow influences the games in multiple ways. While the yardage is short on several holes, the elevation change, sea level, and wind are factors that will make the course hard to stop soon. Seminole Golf Club combines a spectacular view of nature's wildlife, especially wildlife residents are visible around the course and help golfers experience the most interesting experiences. 

9. Sand hill G.C.

Sand hill G.C is located in the region of Nebraska's enormous meadow with an acreage of over 20,000 square miles. The course holds a magnificent design with the familiar to the natural world, the lack of distraction is what makes Sand Hills so special. Golfers appreciate the desolate feeling of wildlife feature which is an extremely out-of-world and unique experience. This C&C classic with short holes offers small challenging greens and longer holes offering expansive greens. The rolling fairways allow for generous landing areas for tee balls.

8. Fishers Island (N.Y) Club.

This course owners itself an aesthetic beauty with the lines of gorgeous fairway horizons contrast and the ocean lines in the background. On some holes, the cavernous bunkers and steep slopes down to the beach provide a depth that contrasts with the elevated greens and flat approaches. The use of native grasses to separate the golf course from cottages blends in beautifully with the surroundings, and some of the archaic trees that adorn the property put out a soothing white noise with the leaves rustling in the ocean breeze. The ocean enters the course and is a fantastic internal design feature on many holes, most notably the 18th.

7. Pebble Beach G.Links 

This course surrounds the ocean perfectly which creates one of the most beautiful atmospheres in the golf experience—especially the stretch of holes from four to 10. Pebble successfully get rid of the weak points of the course with the redesign of its 14th green. It was smartly implemented, in that is related to nature with the rest of the surroundings, not artificial feeling at all. This gives many more available hole locations, and way more options to play your approach up. Although the cost is quite high, this course is worth having a try. 

6. National G.Links of America 

National G.Links of America is destinated on Long Island between Shinnecock Hills Golf Club and Peconic Bay. There are various high-quality green sites and routing created holes that vary just enough on the compass to create an assortment of difficult wind directions. Besides, there’s a tremendous variety of short and long holes with multiple blind shots. The green complexes can be tricky depending on pins so it requests a long-experienced golfer. However,  it’s hard not to marvel at the architectural significance of this place. 

5. Oakmont (PA) C.C

Oakmont Country Club is the ultimate examination of golf. There are two things that do not get discussed enough about Oakmont: the narrowness of the fairways and the amount of internal fairway slope. The greens receive a lot of notoriety, but it's more about the speed than the overall complexity of the complexes. Requires you to be extremely precise and quite long off the tee

Oakmont (PA) C.C - 10 top-notch golf courses - golfap.info

4. Shinnecock Hills G.C.

This course is complemented by a warm, welcoming clubhouse. It is the standard, and each element of the clubhouse is a collective mix of simple, unique, and exquisite. That comfortable clubhouse, historic golf course, and deep history make for a world-class experience.”

“There might not be a better collection of par 3s in the world. And three par 4s are all-worlds: the ninth, 10th, and 14th holes. This is an American classic as fair of a test to play for tour pros and amateur players alike. Fantastic in every way especially since they removed so many trees since the last time I played it. Brings the course back to life and allows the wind to play even more of a factor. Tests every club in the bag. Hard to believe very little earth was moved to create such a great test of golf. Natural setting makes memorability, aesthetics, and ambience off the chart -- outdone only by the choices and difficulty presented by so many shots

3. Cypress Point Club

Cypress Point encompasses one of the most spectacular pieces of property one can imagine. The beauty lies within and outside the golf course boundaries, and you may have a few deer grazing to add to nature’s gift. The variety is most amazing: You have some holes that are dune type golf, then you are in the woods for mountain golf, and of course you finish up with the famous seaside stretch for some of the best holes in the world.

2. Augusta National (GA.) G.C

Augusta National is located in the city of Augusta, Georgia. It is famous for its impeccable appearance maintained in its lush natural surroundings with its pine forests planted for decades. 

The most impressed was the shot values around the greens. Putting is one thing, but the full exam of one's imagination with all kinds of short shots is so fun and challenging. Add into that the counterintuitive nature of the canyon grade that impacts the site, and your brain really has to work overtime. Add in the sensory overload of beauty and Augusta National truly is mind-blowing.”

Even if the Masters wasn’t played here every year, you’d still have one of the most memorable layouts with unrivaled topography and aesthetics. The traditional deep green fairways with minimal rough provides a feeling of uniformity throughout the grounds that has been copied at other courses. This is the best sanctuary in golf.

1. Pine Valley G.C

Pine Vallet G.C - 10 top-notch golf courses - golfap.info

On the top of this list, we have Pine Vallet G.C which is described as an all-in-one golf course with the commitment to a precious experience to golf-lover. Located in New Jersey, U.S, the Pine Valley golf course has a natural and mysterious vibe that few places have. This is also a favorite destination for golfers who love to conquer mysteries. This golf course was ranked 1st in the top 100 best golf courses in the United States by Golf Digest.
Pine Valley's reputation as the hardest and best golf course in the world is well-earned. This course was voted as possessing the most beautiful par 3 and par 4 holes in the world. In particular, the 12th hole is one of the scariest par 4s in the world. When renovated, the tree line to the left was replaced by a very large sand trap. This makes the golf hole, although there is no lake, but also makes it difficult for golfers to hit the tee.