10 Legitimate Golf Tips To Stand Out Against Your Opponent

10 Legitimate Golf Tips To Stand Out Against Your Opponent

Golf is one of the toughest sports to master, requiring mental agility and physical form, this article gives the top ten tips to master the game and step out against one’s opponent.

  1. Swing with an anti-slice grip

 The first tip unsurprisingly is to do with one’s swing. In order to have an effective swing consistently and truly stand apart from the crowd, one must attempt to develop an anti-slice grip. If one does slice, it’s likely because of not hitting the clubface fast enough through the hitting zone. Practice swings with hands split apart at the grip will greatly improve the ability to deliver a square clubface.

  1. Learn the perfect posture

Most of the tips that go a long way in improving one’s game have a lot to do with little steps to refine the basics, thus the second tip is regarding being correct posture for being able to get a good hit.  There is a three-step routine to prepare the correct posture which includes standing with a club pressed against one’s thighs, bending forward from the hips while slightly flexing knees. Avoid hunching the back, and hold arms straight down. This is the perfect posture, then one should grip the handle with the glove hand and place it at a roughly 45-degree angle before going in for the final swing.

  1. Alignment correction

Yet another basic adjustment that can go a long way in the difference between an average golf player and one who draws attention is to do with proper alignment. Many a time shots go wayward due to the clubface being misaligned at the address. Mark Durland has suggested a comprehensive easy way to check and better one’s alignment: he says what would be helpful in achieving a good shot would be placing an alignment stick just outside the golf ball, such that it creates a 90-degree angle with the target line. Further, in order to ensure a square hit every time during setting up one should align the leading edge of the club with the stick, before pulling it back to its regular position.

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  1.  Be smart about your speed, use it where it counts

The speed of the hit starts at the very beginning of the swing, and the key to generating optimum ball speed is to have a width in one’s takeaway. Most golfers go wrong in making a full turn or rotation and the issue can be located right at the takeaway. An inexperienced perhaps average Joe would just pick up the driver and turn their shoulders but the tip to get the maximum speed for the most effective shot is to create maximum width. The way to create this is by pulling the club back as far back as possible which will create one’s body to turn automatically and this generates greater speed when coming down.

  1. Know and hit power positions

The ultimate route to getting a remarkable swing is through mastery of both distance and accuracy. For this, one needs to generate full impact by extending their arms. A tip to do this is to tee up a ball and then place one more tee six inches away from the first and on a 45-degree angle. The aim should be to strike the ball on the first tee and be able to swing the clubhead clean over the second. Repeated practice of this will acquaint one with all the best power positions and make you stand out against a sea of golfers.

  1. Mastering tempo

A common tip it is going to carve one out as a great golf player, one should aim for a 3:1 tempo whereby the backswing is thrice the length of the downswing thereby to get full and good shots a player must practice matching the general tempo irrespective of the swing speed itself.

  1. Create a short game spin

A unique and less know trip is to make use of one’s golf bag to help generate more spin-on chip shots. The trick is in laying the golf bag on the ground across the target line and two feet in front of the ball, using the sand wedge then aiming to hit chips over the bag. This kind of practice will help for the bag’s proximity to the ball will force one to hit on the ball both with acceleration and sharply which are both elements that help in the creation of a short-game spin.

  1. Stance Squaring up

A trip most professional golfers adhere to is to do with how they play their sand shots, with the ball far and clubface open hitting with greater club head speed than amateurs can. Kevin Sprecher has advised the way to crack this usually professional golfer activity is by setting up with one’s shoulders, clubface square, and the ball slightly forward of center. Following this one needs to dig the blade into the sand to gouge the ball out and with repeated practice better stance and speed will be achieved.

  1. Taking a speed grip the right way

It isn’t enough to only operate with knowing how to generate speed, to be truly standing out against one’s opponents the player must familiarize themselves with taking the speed grip the correct way. It would be harder to hinge and create power if the grip rests in the palm, on the contrary when the handle is mostly in your fingers one can wrap their thumb pad over the handle and get the most optimum grip and speed.

  1. Be best friends with the driver

Having the least amount of loft, the driver has the potential to expose a player’s swing flaws much more than other clubs which although can be initially discouraging, in the long run, is the best avenue to fix one’s play. Increasing one’s loft and checking one’s shaft are two prominent recommendations that will help one play better with the driver. While the former advises a minimum of 10.5 degrees of the driver to get the ball airborne, the latter advises one to choose a senior flex or regular shaft rather than a stiff one.