5 Best Golf Balls For Women In 2022

5 Best Golf Balls For Women In 2022

The domain of sports has many unique attributes and characteristics that are bifurcated for men and women with each sex having its distinct incarnation of these attributes. This is evident in golf which is played widely across different cultures and by both men and women. The shoes, the attire, the instruments and much more are differently constructed to cater to the individual needs of both sexes. Most of us are usually either oblivious or completely unaware about this fact of distinguishing the essentials required in sports in general, and golf in particular. 

The science behind the design of golf balls

The same explanation is applied to the distinguishing characteristics of golf balls used by and meant for men and women. This, at face value, seems sexist for obvious reasons. But in true nature and reality, it is just science and physics. The conduction of the game is determined by the application of the golfer’s swing on the ball. Due to biological and physical factors, a woman tends to have a slower swing as compared to that of a man. Keeping this in mind, the golf balls for women have a softer exterior so that it facilitates the female golfer’s swing. Whether you have just stepped into the world of golf or just exploring the field, the right kind of ball will make your experience much easier and more efficient and hence more fruitful

Golf balls for women

It is understandable why many people may not be aware of the above-mentioned fact due to the lack of explanation and data for the same and its restricted use in the professional sphere. It is a very basic concept which is can be easily articulated and comprehended by everyone. Moreover, it can be difficult to find golf balls that are specifically meant to cater to a woman in golf. With the intention to make your research easier and assist you in the same, this article provides you with a compiled list of the best golf balls for women. 

They are as follows: 

  1. Wilson Golf Tour Velocity 

These balls are customized as a solution to the problems that often female golfers face. Wilson is known for the superior quality of its sports products. They have ensured to include the same superior quality into the design and construction of their golf balls that are specifically meant for women. These balls have a unique dimple texture that reduces the air resistance and in turn, enables them to fly faster towards the target. In this sense, it successful in deriving the full potential of the swing. The ball travels a long distance and well suited for beginners as well. 

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  1. Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls

The balls designed by them are constructed with extreme precision and specificity for moderate swing speed. Moreover, according to statistics, they are considered to be the softest balls that are meant for female golfers. The ball is built in a way to facilitate optimized carry and spin movement. The design of the core has received special attention as it is constructed in a way to cover long distances. These balls come in a variety of colours such as white, pink and yellow. The science behind the selection of these colours is that the colour variety increases visibility and in turn efficiency. It enables the golfer to have a stronger grip or control over the ball. Moreover, it is affordable as well.  

  1. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls 

The designer of these balls specifically focused on the exterior of the ball and made sure to construct a soft exterior and cover to affect the speed of the ball and hence allow it to cover a long distance. The ball renders out a playable shot game feel since it moves in full swing. Moreover, the dimple design of the ball allows a high vertical distance to be covered and carries the ball across a long distance. It ensures flight stability while covering a lengthier distance. It allows maintaining control over the ball due to its low game spin. However, one should be aware and cautious about the fact that the balls tend to have low durability since the soft exterior tends to crack. 

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  1. Nitro Maximum Distance

The Nitro Max balls have a super active titanium core that maximizes the transmission and transfer of energy due to which the ball has the ability to travel longer distances. The balls have a dimple texture designed on their exterior cover that ensures a higher lift which in turn decreases the drag for higher and longer shots. This feature compliments consistent flight and higher as well as efficient performance. These balls are super reactive and dispense high velocity. Moreover, they are highly durable and friction-resistant to a great degree. 

  1. Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

These balls are constructed and designed following the needs of professionalism adopted by women golf players. The transfer of energy is seamless which ensures higher swing and hence extreme efficiency and precision in reaching the target. It is well constructed with 338 dimpled patterns that allow consistent and accurate shots. Moreover, it renders a lower drag coefficient and gains distance quickly. However, the softcover of the ball may entail a tendency to have lower durability. 

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