Golfcoin - The Future Of Golf

Golfcoin - The Future Of Golf

The cryptocurrency market has gone well beyond Bitcoin. Rather than moving BTC and ETH to USD, this digital currency is aimed at our industry.

And finally! We have been long known as traditionalists who aren't willing to embrace the changes, which is a wrong assumption. With Golfcoin, the tables are turning, and the whole golf industry will benefit a lot.

But before you ask how to buy a digital currency that will change the golf world, let's review it and see how it can actually contribute. Is it another hyped crypto project or it's a good deal? Let's find out!

What is Golfcoin?

Before we dig deep, let's first see what Golfcoin (GOLF) is. A golf coin is a cryptocurrency built to be used in the golfing industry. With its focus on golfers, Golfcoin has created a platform where people can use their tokens to book tee times, buy equipment, and even pay green fees. 

The currency is decentralized and requires no bank, which means that it doesn't have any fees and can be transferred quickly, conveniently, and securely between users.

The founders claim the goal is to make processes more transparent and benefit everybody involved in the golf industry. Let's see some of the advantages:

More accessible payments

Instead of converting different currencies and losing from the shift, people can change their local currency to Golfcoin and spend money anywhere in the world, without thinking of transaction fees, paying terminals, etc. You can even connect your cryptocurrency to a standard Apple Wallet and pay for hotels, equipment, golf carts, etc.

Easy transfers

Golfcoin can be used just like standard money. You can transfer your golf peer's funds or request money from them quickly, without any transaction costs, and the transfer takes seconds. 


One of the main reasons people will embrace Golfcoin is because of the added convenience. Instead of writing checks and holding your credit or debit cards with you, you can just bring your phone (or a smartwatch) and spend on lessons, carts, equipment, and even food with it. There's no need to carry your wallet everywhere with you.

What is the future of Golfcoin?

The future of Golfcoin looks very positive. The team is extremely excited to bring this product to the market and generate a huge buzz within our target demographic. With so many new features, Golfcoin is poised to disrupt the golf industry - and perhaps even more. But let's see several big things happening.

Working with strategic coin advisors

The developers of Golfcoin are very ambitious to work with professional golfers which are ranked among the best

While the Golfcoin team is approaching advisors with connections to players in the top 100, they're also trying to land industry leaders who can connect Golfcoin to professional golfers in a meaningful and lasting partnership that will add a crucial value proposition for the cryptocurrency.

The Golfcoin team has spent time searching for the right advisors who have the right connections to bring value to both Golfcoin and their respective fields.

Strategic position in cryptocurrency exchanges

While Coinbase currently supports Golfcoin (GOLF), the most exciting part of being listed on the Coinbase Wallet is the potential for future integration with other Coinbase properties. 

GOLF is listed on the Binance Info Page, which could lead to future listing on the most significant exchange.

Increased popularity

Golf as a sport has a very niche audience. According to The Golf Wire, between 3-5 million viewers are engaged with the sports in the US (NBC viewers). While we can see this changing in a positive trend, it's still not enough, compared to mass sports like soccer, basketball, and even baseball, where average views are more than 8.2 million in the US. With Golfcoin, users will actually have more incentives to watch GOLF, since they can get more involved in the sport.


One of the best things about cryptocurrencies is they allow gamification. It's not a coincidence we're mentioning rewards right after popularity. Over the years, golf has fallen into the category of "boring." As golf fans, we cannot accept such bold claims.

Rewards systems, however, are just like loyalty programs. With gamification, Golfcoin can attract more viewers to watch our favorite sport. 

Fans can play different games to earn Golfcoin and make money out of the sport, which they can later spend on sports equipment or even book a resort to play some golf. 

And even for betting fans, it makes sense to use Golfcoin - imagine mining Golfcoin worth $50 and winning $15,000 in sports betting. How cool is that? 


Golfcoin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency for the golf industry, unique in its mission and aims to improve the sports of golf. With plans to revolutionize the entire industry, Golfcoin seeks to make the sport more popular among the regular audience by giving users a chance to become part of the sport rather than being limited to watching only.

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