Planning To Play Golf? Here Are 7 Gears That You Need To Have

Planning To Play Golf? Here Are 7 Gears That You Need To Have

Golf is the favorite summer sport hubby in America. It is also one of the most famous sports in the world. Even during the pandemic, golf is the most played sport in the United States because you can still implement social distancing without compromising the entire game.

Now, so many newbies want to try golf. If you are one of these individuals who wants to play golf, you should acquire the necessary gears first. Below are the seven gears you must have before successfully taking part in a golf game. 

Golf Clubs 

How would you play golf without a golf club, right? So, before you start playing golf, you should first buy some gold clubs. In golf, you can only carry 14 golf clubs at once when playing. However, you do not need to have 14 golf clubs if you are starting. 

For starters, you can acquire a half set first. The most vital clubs you must get when starting golfing are the following:

  • Driver

  • Putter

  • Sand Wedge

  • Iron 6

  • Iron 8

  • Pitching wedge

  • Fairway Woods

  • Hybrid

You can start playing golf with these golf clubs, and you can slowly add some more as you become better at playing. In addition, if you plan to engage in golf betting with your peers, you should acquire these golf clubs to ensure that you can practice and compete properly.

Golf Bag

The next gear you need to have is the golf bag. It is where you will put your golf clubs for easy handling. Again, you will find many golf bag varieties in the market. Choose the one that suits your needs best. 

Choosing the stand bag would be an excellent option to start. This bag has two straps which make it easy to carry around. Additionally, you can also let it stand on the ground when you are in the game. 


As a beginner, you might think that gloves are unnecessary gear for playing golf. But on the contrary, it is one of the must-have gears you should get before you can play. So choose a comfortable pair of gloves that perfectly fit your hands. 

Uncomfortable gloves may affect your performance as you will become uneasy wearing them. In addition, golf gloves that fit well provide more friction and tackiness to your grip. As a result, you will have a more accurate swing. 


Many thought that golfers only wear headwear like a cap to promote brand sponsors. However, the real reason why golfers wear headgear when playing is to prevent the glare that can affect their vision. 

Additionally, it can also help you prevent sunburn on your face since you will be playing out in an open field under the sun's heat. It is how essential headgears are when playing golf. So, you better grab one to wear during a game. 

Golf Outfit 

You wouldn’t want to go on golf without wearing the proper outfit. Like other sports, golf also has proper attire that you must wear when playing. As a part of golfing etiquette, wearing appropriate clothes is a must before you can play golf. 

Therefore, you must also shop for the right apparel you will wear on your golf game schedule. Your outfit shopping list must include the following:

  • Golf shoes

  • Socks

  • Shirts with collar

  • Golf Skirt, capris, or long pants

Golf Balls 

Aside from the golf clubs, you couldn’t play golf without the golf balls. You will also encounter various options when choosing a golf ball. You can find a set of golf balls priced at $65, but you can choose a less expensive one if you are a beginner. 

You can find a set of golf balls on the market with a price ranging from $20 to $33 a dozen that can have good quality. Remember, golf balls play a significant role in your golf game. The ball you will use can boost your speed, distance, and control. 

So, it would be best not to underestimate how crucial the golf ball is to be part of your must-have golf gear before you start playing this new hobby. 


Level up your golf performance by having a rangefinder in your hand. This equipment will help you find the best estimate of the accuracy and distance of your shot. If you are a newbie in this sport, having a rangefinder is a huge leap forward for you. 

The rangefinder's estimation will improve your game by telling how hard you shout and hit the ball. You will likely encounter two types of a rangefinder. The first one is the laser which uses a laser to identify the distance between your target and yourself.

The other one is the GPS rangefinder which uses satellite signals to determine the distance between the target and you. 

Start Your Shopping

Now that you know what items to prioritize purchasing, you can start your shopping. Make sure that you grab all of these seven must-have gears to ensure that you will have the best first-time golfing experience.