How To Choose A Golf Club Length To Suit Each Player

How To Choose A Golf Club Length To Suit Each Player

Everyone fond of golf knows the importance of golf clubs to play well. Imagine playing a game, but you don't have enough tools to play it. It will affect your efficiency. So when playing golf, it's essential to choose a golf club length to suit each player. An accurate golf club dimension can help you grow into a better golfer and lead the game to a more pleasant activity.

Contrary to it, an indefinite club length will affect it. We can choose the correct golf cub size while considering many factors like your style, pose, and skill level. But on the top, while selecting a right, is your height.

Height is the primary factor

 If you want to choose a golf club length to suit each player, it's essential to see the height. You can find  Golf clubs generally in two primary lengths (except juniors)  depending on statistics, like the regular height of an average man and woman. If we see The average female's size in the U.S. is roughly 5’ 5” (165.1cm. The average man is around 5' 10" (177.8cm). The change between the male s and female’s clubs is generally a 1" change in if you are thinking of choosing a golf club suitable for each player, then keep the height factor in mind.

Correct golf club length for height

With this factor of height in mind, while choosing a correct golf club length for height, some charts use these extents; that is, for every 5" or 6" of height variance, the club is good to be 1" shorter or longer. Undoubtedly, each producer has a clue for the average length of their clubs. If you want to play efficiently, always choose a golf club length to suit each player according to the height to avoid hurdles.

     Height                                  Length Factor


     6-9 to 7-0                           Increase 2"

     6-6 to 6-9                           Increase 1 1/2"

     6-3 to 6-6                          Increase 1"

     6-0 to 6-3                           increase 1/2"

     5-9 to 6-0                          Standard Length

     5-6 to 5-9                            Deduct 1/2"

     5-3 to 5-6                               Deduct 1"

     5-0 to 5-3                           Deduct 1 1/2"

 4-9 to 5-0                           Deduct 2"

 Wrist to floor method

The Wrist-to-floor dimension or WTF is another way to choose a golf club length to suit each player. The golfer positions their feet in street/tennis shoes in this method. Their arms are straight down and stress-free. Then you can measure from the surface to the crinkle above the wrist. You can assume that reading by the golfer's height recommends the club length. 

Golf club shaft length

It's worth mentioning point that the average driver's regular length is 45 inches for males and 44 inches for females. As far as the golf club shaft length chart is concerned, the shorter shaft can assist you with the correct clubhead and play wonder in golf. So to choose a golf club length to suit each player's golf, club shaft length is also essential.


The lie also has a strong effect if you choose a golf club length to suit each player. A general lie angle for a 5-iron is 61°and hence the size of the 5-iron can be 37.25" to attain the B length. This combination can be good for a female golfer who is 5' 8" with a 33.25" WTF dimension. Hence if we assume  this was a male, we were considering that can  have the exact extents of the female golfer,

 Women golf club length

Many females find that the golf clubs made for men are unsuitable. They are either heavy or too long for them.

 As far as the women's standard golf club length chart is concerned, the regular size of the golf club for females is smaller in length and is intended for females who have between 65-inches (5'5") and 69-inches (5'9") of height. Here is the standard length chart for women golfers.

  • 69,0 - 74cm   deduct 1,0 Inch

  • 74,0 - 79,0cm   deduct 0,5 Inch

  • 79,0 - 84,0cm   Iron 5 = 37 Inch (Standard Steel)

  • 84,0 - 89,0cm   add 0,5 Inch

  • 89,0 - 94,0cm   add1,0 Inch

  • 94,0 - 99,0cm   add 1,5 Inch


So the bottom line of all the discussion is that if you want to choose a golf club length to suit each player, then the factors mentioned above should be kept in mind. The correct size of the golf club for a beautiful game is necessary. So you should deeply analyze the ways to choose a club length. The women's standard golf club length chart is also mentioned above to help the female golfers. Height is the main focus while choosing a golf club length and can help you play efficiently, and you can enjoy your game if you have a good combination of the golf club and your skill to play golf.