5 Advice From Elite Junior Golfer

5 Advice From Elite Junior Golfer

The Junior Elite program conducted by Golf Evolution trains juniors with the game of golf and allows them to keep their games sharp. This program makes use of proven methods every week and hence ensures quality results

Junior golfers aged from 11 – 17 are chosen for the program and are led through an intensive small group training program for about six months. The training happens in the winter season from November to April and aims at making the players bring out their best.

The training Juniors who have mastered the game have given pieces of advice to those others who want to be the best and ascend to their level. 5 of the most important of these pieces of advice to keep in mind are listed here.

1. Don’t stress yourself

Not just in golf but in all other games, the players mustn't stress out themselves. A little amount of stress is beneficial, but too much stress can take away the player's focus, and it can do no good but just harm. Stress leads to health issues like high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and even heart diseases. So it is always important that the players try to calm themselves before the game.

The practice sessions can be helpful for this because once the player has confidence in the game, it will automatically reduce stress. There are also many other methods prescribed to get rid of stress. Getting good sleep, trying relaxation techniques, listening to music, etc. are some very simple methods of relieving stress.

2. Don’t let a bad shot ruin the day

In a game, it is normal that one fails. Failure is always the building blocks to success. Players need to keep this in mind each time they get on the ground to make the strike. A bad shot may happen, and its usual and normal, and will happen to all players no matter how experienced they are.

What is important is to have confidence in oneself and keep playing until the desired results are made. Never stop trying and never lose hope. Better results will come up only after a lot of work is put in. It is also important that you love the game you are playing. Bad shots may make you feel down, but don't ever lose the love for the game because once it is gone, it is gone forever. Make sure that you enjoy the game, even if it is a bad or good shot.

3. Work as hard as you can

Working hard is the golden rule for success, not just in golf but also in all life fields. It is always important that the player remains focused and ready to work as much as he/she can till the desired results are met. Keep grinding yourself by working and practicing as much as possible because the more you work, the more will be the results.

It is also important to note that a single play is not the whole thing. It won't affect the long run; it is the practice sessions and hard work that will build one into a fine player. Golf is one of the hardest games of all, and no one is going to win without the needed effort. Never give up.

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4. Love the game

Love whatever you do, be it the game or be it any profession. It is always important that you love the game because if you don't love it, you will mess it up. Golf is one of the hardest games, requires a lot of effort before you become a pro, so if you don't love it, you will soon lose hope, and the chances are that you will drop it.

Your love for the game will always get reflected in the way you play and the effort you put. It is also important that you have fun while you are playing. It can make you love the game. Don't play for the sake of playing; do it with your whole heart, and the desired results will soon embrace you.

5. Think positive and keep your optimism

Being optimistic means being able to think that whatever you do will come out as good. It is all about a positive attitude towards life. This is very important while you are on the ground to make the shot. Believe in yourself and believe that you can do it. Your confidence is the first thing you need before you make the strike.

Control your emotions, be humble, and be patient. You may miss a few strikes, but it is okay. Believe that the next strike will be right, and it will come out to be better. Your attitude matters, keep your head straight and make the strike.

These 5 bits of advice are the keys to success in golf, and holding on to them will do wonders.