Tips To Play The Foursomes Golf Format

Tips To Play The Foursomes Golf Format

Foursomes are a form of team golf competition involving two golfers on one side, and the same two golfers alternately hit the same golf ball. That's why foursomes are also commonly called "alternative shots."

Golfer A teases, Golfer B hits the second shot, Golfer A plays the third shot, Golfer B hits the fourth shot, and so on until the ball is placed. Two golfers on either side can also alternately hit the same player with hitting T-shots so that (if golfer A hits the drive on the first hole, golfer B drives on hole 2).

One indication of the Foursomes strategy is this: Try to determine before the round that the game being played has the most difficult driving holes. This factor in deciding who removes the T-ball on the first hole. You want your best driver to deliver the most difficult driving holes. The golfer who exits No. 1 will continue to turn a blind eye to the odd-numbered holes. Here are the following tips to  Play the Foursomes Golf Format.

Follow these ways for the foursomes golf format.

Foursomes on the World Stage

Golf tournaments have hundreds of golf tournament formats and games played by golfers (and perhaps hundreds and variations in these games), but Foursomes is one of them.

This is because pro golfers (and prominent amateur golfers) play foursomes (as a match game) in some very high-profile events.

Ryder Cup: The Ryder Cup has played four seasons in each tournament, returning in the first match in 1927.

Solheim Cup: The Foursomes have been a part of every Solheim Cup since 1990.

President's Cup: Squares have been a part of every President's Cup since 1994.

Stroke Play or Match Play

Foursomes can be performed as match play or stroke play. As noted, the Foursomes match game is part of some of the biggest professional and amateur golf tournaments.

Foursomes (match play or stroke play) are a common form of the club in the UK and Ireland and are more commonly played in Commonwealth countries than in the United States. In the United States, foursomes are not uncommon at the club or recreational levels.

Foursomes in the Rules

All the rules to Play the Foursomes Golf Format, golf apply during all four sports, but there are some minor variations in Rule 22, so be sure to check it out for a full conversation.

Note that penalty strokes do not affect which golfer plays next. The stroke order is always A-B-A-B and so on. If a team has to drop the ball, the player whose turn it is to play next should handle the drop and then play the stroke.

Handicap Allowances in Foursomes

Disability allowances for foursome competitions are included in the USGA Handicap Manual, Section 9-4. Remember that you must first set a disability course for each golfer.

People with disabilities in the Charsomes competition vary depending on the specific format.

Matchplay, two vs. two: In the fourth match between Side A and Side B, first combine the course handicap of both golfers on one side. Then subtract the lower joint disabilities from the upper joint disabilities; for example, if the total disabilities are 12 in total and the total disability of side B is 27, then subtract 12 from 27. Take that whole and break it in half. In this example, 27 minus 12 equals 15%. Divided in half is 15 7 7.5, which is up to 8. So the upper handicap plays on the side 8, and the lower handicap plays on the side scratch.

Matchplay vs. Par or Bogey: Combine partners' disabilities and divide by half.

Stroke Play: Participants have a 50% disability allowance for joint course disability. So, of course, add the disabled together and divide by half.

In all cases, the percentage used to calculate disability allowances when the election drive is allowed is reduced from 50% to 40%.

Other Names for Foursomes Formats

The alternative shot is a very common name in vigilance (watch a video showing an alternate shot). The shape is sometimes called Scotch doubles. A team of two people consisting of a man and a woman is often called "mixed forces." There is a different situation in the Scotch Foursome format.

An Alternate Meaning of 'Foursomes'

Any four golfers playing in the same group (regardless of what format they are playing in, regardless of whether the four are together) can be described as talking in a fun round of golf. Golfers are called "foursomes." This expression is more common in the United States than in other parts of the world.


Hopefully, these tips to Play the Foursomes Golf Format are helpful for you. There are some strategies to play in this format that can help the team win. Before starting the round, find out which holes have the hardest tee shots. Use these tips to plan the round and find out which player should take the first Tee-shot.