Golf Class: A To Z For You

Golf Class: A To Z For You


Did you know that Golf originated back in the 15th century in Scotland? It was a favorite among the Scots, so much that it caused a downfall in the military department because men invested all their time in the new-found sport. Ultimately the Scottish parliament had to ban the game in 1457, completely unaware of its revival in 1502 when it received the royal seal by King James IV. There was no stopping the thrill since then. Let us have a glance at what the sport entails. 

Origin of the term Golf

For starters, let us clear the hustle that Golf stands for “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden” because it DOES NOT. The word “golf” comes from the ancient term for "club." The term "golf club" quite literally translates to "club."This is the 21st century, get over gender bias already.

How is it played?

The game is described as a club-and-ball sport where the various players are required to hit balls into a laid-out trajectory of holes made in the ground with a minimum number of strokes. There are generally 18 holes dug at considerable distances; the game covers a wide area of land for flexible shots. However, recreational courses can be constricted with nine holes only. There are two styles of playing golf: stroke play and match play. Stroke play accounts for reaching the holes with a minimum number of strokes, and match play accounts for the lowest score on individual holes in one round.

Rules to follow

The jointly operated rule by The R&R is globally followed. Strict regulations are imposed on amateurs, often rendering them with disinterest in the field. However, true golf enthusiasts are hard to put off.

  • Be careful with your tee parameters. Make sure your first shot is well behind the assigned markers. White is for medal tees, yellow for me, and red for ladies.
  • Be careful with the balls. It might sound amusing, but even seasoned players confuse their ball with others and get a penalty in Strokeplay. If you are dubious about your ball, lift it, check for its belonging, and mark your tee accordingly.
  • The green area entails afresh set of rules. Once your ball rests, you can lift your ball and mark the spot with a disc or preferably a coin. Make sure you place the ball in the exact place after cleaning it.
  • There is a famous saying in golf, “play your ball as it lies." It translates to play(hit) your ball from its existing position unless you are authorized to change its mark.
  • Unplayable marks. There comes a situation where your ball has landed in a place from where you cannot hit it. You have three choices to make here. 1) Hit the ball, nevertheless. 2) Drop the ball just behind the unplayable spot. 3) Drop your ball between 2 club lengths, either side of the unplayable spot.
  • Be careful of out-of-bound shots. If your ball crosses the bounded area of the target, you are required to replay that shot from its original place, causing you an extra penalty.
  • What is ball striking? If you ever find yourself in a rather bizarre stance, always go for the club's headshot.
  • Last but not least, check for your scoreboard. Make sure your card has been correctly completed with your agreement. Tallying of your scores after every round is as important as other implied rules.

Terms to learn for golfing

Par –the number of required strokes to win the game.

Birdie – sub-score one under par.

Eagle –sub-score two under par.

Albatross –sub-score three under par.

Bogey –score of one over par (rare though).

Double Bogey –score of two over par.

Triple Bogey –score of three over par.

Ace – landing the ball in the hole with one stroke.

Handicap – calculating the average score above par scored in one round.

Bunker – sand pits around the golfing area are known as a bunker.

Up and Down, Scrambling, and Sand Save – these terms are generally used to praise the golfer for excellent play.

Gimme –it is a situation where the ball of one player is exceptionally close to the hole, so the opponent concedes the shot as a form of courtesy and fastens the pace of the game.


Initially, this game can prove to be a little grinding for beginners, but with the advent of thrill between scores and tallying of score sheets, golf can be one of the most engaging sports ever discovered. Golf is all about measurements and calculations; you need to master the skill of precision with which you are required to hit the ball. Stay clear of bunker zones and refrain absolutely from hitting the ball too hard to land outside the boundary.